Month: August 2015

Chucking Lemons Through the Window

You know all those cheesy cliches about “when the universe closes a door, it opens a window”, or “when life hands you lemons make lemonade”? Well I’m chucking those lemons through the window and making some café con melk.  I got some bad news on Friday. Really bad news. And you know what I’m doing with that news? Making the… Read more →

Fantasy Football

No not that football, silly Americans. Real football. You know, where your foot touches the ball. Anyway. Now that we have that cleared up, I’m participating in a Fantasy Football league game thing with Marcel and my in-laws. Based on the Dutch national league. Which I know nothing about. So of course I chose the players with the coolest names. Oh. And… Read more →

6 Months and Counting…

Well. It’s starting to turn into crunch time. I have to get all my paperwork legalized? internationalized? officialized? not falsified-ized? As my dad would say qué carajos es eso?! I didn’t even know such a thing was necessary. Or even existed. Clearly, moving internationally is not my forte. But I’ve got less than six months before this mofo goes down,… Read more →


   So as I close this day on what is now my third car accident in 12 months, none of which were my fault (like for realsies not my fault, not like when you slam into something and say “It wasn’t my fault! That fence came out of nowhere!” They legitimately were not. my. fault.) Where was I going with… Read more →

My Lighthouse

There are so many moments that have been momentous in our relationship. The first time we met in the airport. The first time he met my entire family (18 hours after we met in the airport). The first time I met his family and saw his country. I cherish every one of those memories and love them dearly.  But one of… Read more →