Almost Home

I officially have my plane ticket! I leave in about three weeks then I FINALLY get to be with Marcel again. 

These last 3 months have been awesome and brutal at the same time. Awesome because I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time with friends. To the point where I think one particular hooker is sick of me. But also brutal because I’ve missed Marcel so much. 

I’ll be back for two weeks to visit in June but after than I don’t actually know at all when I’ll be back, which is kind of terrifying for me. This last three month trip was the longest I’d ever been away from my family, but it wasn’t so bad because I knew I would be coming back. This time there’s the uncertainty of when exactly we’ll be back to visit.

As for my immigration process, we have all the necessary paperwork ready to present to the Dutch government. The only thing I can’t find is my degree. I know I know, it took me 10 years to get my bachelor’s and about 1 month to lose it. I am the queen of losing things, just ask my mom how many times I’ve had to get a new social security card. 

Anywho, I’ll be sure to keep the blog updated more often. Love you guys!