Café con Leche

I finally had my café con leche! It’s a koffie verkeerd.

And let me tell you. That shit is hard to say. I try so hard to pronounce it and the waitress always gives me a “wat”. In fact I try to pronounce a lot of Dutch words, contrary to what my brother in law thinks. I just only do it alone. So that I can be embarrassed, alone. And have to repeat myself three times, alone. And sometimes give up and say it gringo style because my Dutch is SO bad they only understand my butchered Englutch. And yes I just made that up now. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Spanglish. And Krissy will probably hate it. But there it is.

In other news, I’m 86% sure we’ll have to amputate my feet. Between the walking and the insane amount of dancing I did on Saturday they’re swollen up like the feet of a 8.5 month pregnant woman. So I’ve been living in fuzzy pink pantuflas. Too bad I can’t wear them everywhere.

Oh and I found tortillas! As my sister would say, yaaaas.