So as I close this day on what is now my third car accident in 12 months, none of which were my fault (like for realsies not my fault, not like when you slam into something and say “It wasn’t my fault! That fence came out of nowhere!” They legitimately were not. my. fault.) Where was I going with this? … Right! As I close this day it becomes even more apparent how much I can’t wait to move to the Netherlands.

I don’t have to drive there!!!

Sure the love of my life is there and all that. But seriously guys, I don’t have to drive. Ever if I don’t want to. Hell. I don’t even think I’ll apply for a license. 

Those who know me know how much I hate driving. And how much I never shut up about how much I hate driving. I think I might hate it as much as I hate Los Angeles… Wow… Lots of hate there. 

But I digress, point is, I’m crazy stupid super excited about moving to the Netherlands. 

And I guess for more reason than just the lack of driving ?