Hello! Hallo! Hola!

Hello there. After reading endless posts, blogs, comments, whathaveyou, about expats moving to and living in the Netherlands, I’ve decided to try my hand at documenting my own experience. You might ask yourself, “Why? There are dozens of expat blogs, several that are better written and probably more witty than yours will ever hope to be.”

That is true. However, I still want to add my voice into the mix. I’ve always found writing to be very therapeutic, and perhaps committing my journey and inevitable struggles to proverbial paper will help not only myself, but all those going through similar ordeals.

As to the name of the blog itself, I found that the koffie verkeerd was the closest thing I could get to my typical café con leche, which brings comfort to many of us Latinos. Therefore, since I always tease that my dominant language is Spanglish, it only makes sense to adopt a mash of Dutch and my native Spanish in my soon to be home. Café con melk is just the beginning…