Hellooo 2016!

So we’re four days into the new year. I can’t say these four days have been the best, generally speaking I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve/Day. But thanks to my BGF and hooker seester this year started off pretty good.

I’m pretty optimistic about what 2016 will have to offer. In about two months or so I’ll be moving permanently to the Netherlands. About a month later I’ll be started an intensive course on Dutch. And a couple of months after that is a vacation back to the states so that the whole Dutch family can meet the whole Mexican family. Should be fun.

I finally learned what I need to do to get my paperwork legalized, it mostly just involves paying fees and going to Downtown Los Angeles, the most wretched hive of scum and villainy. BUT luckily they have an office of the California Secretary of State there so that I don’t have to wait ages to mail paperwork back and forth. OR travel to Sacramento, a city nobody’s ever heard of been to but which is inexplicably our state capital.

Sorry I haven’t had many pictures on my blog these last couple of posts. I haven’t had much to take a picture of. But that’ll change soon. Promise.

Well folks, here’s to a fabulous 2016 for all of you!