Hi. My name is Taty…

…and I’m a House Hunters International addict. 

I seriously cannot stop watching any and all Dutch episodes of House Hunters International. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a crazy addicting show about people looking for homes in different cities. And it has a game show style element where you pick from three options. My mom and I have gotten really good at guessing which one they’ll pick. 

I already have a home in Utrecht. And a gorgeous one at that, but I loooooove (fake) house hunting. Everything about it. One of my favorite weekend pastimes is going to see model homes with my mom, and choosing who gets what room and how we would decorate it. No joke. If you’ve never tried it trust me, it’s so much fun. 

But watching this show also makes me appreciate how absolutely amazing and beautiful my home is. 

Sorry. Didn’t mean to brag. But seriously guys. It’s gorgeous. 

Also, House Hunters… that’ll be $10.50.