How it all began…

A year ago today, my life changed forever. 

I know I know, that sounds like the beginning to a bad novel. But I don’t know how else to describe it. 

My man and I had been talking for about a year. We’d never met face to face but we knew something special was there. We’d been planning for a meet up for some time, but I was still convinced it was too good to be true. 

Fast forward to the big day. I was standing in the Bradley International Terminal, nervous, terrified, about to poop my pants, but more excited and happy than I’d been in a long time. I was waiting and waiting and of course he was the last one to emerge from the long ramp. But when he did I can’t even describe what I felt. The very first thought that flashed through my mind, the very first, was, “Oh my god he’s so tiny!!” After, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Luckily my best friend was there to capture the moment for us. 

From that day we knew we couldn’t live our lives apart from each other. This presented a bit of a problem since he’s from the Netherlands, and I’m from California. We deliberated back and forth between each country, but ultimately decided on settling in the Netherlands. 

And so here we are. An ocean apart, working towards our goals and dreams. 

Happy anniversary love!