It’s Finally Cold Again!

So I totally meant to write and post this yesterday, but one thing led to another and half a season of Downton Abbey later here we are. Also, is it led? Or lead? English is weird.

Anyway! Yesterday, finally, FINALLY! It was cold. Cold and windy. Cold and windy and rainy. It was absolute heaven. I know all you California folks are rolling your eyes at my 85°F/30°C summer, but the humidity here is no joke. I must have sweat half my body weight this summer. And not from working out. No. We (read: I) don’t do that, get outta my face with that. Literally in the 10 feet from the shower in the bathroom to the closet in the bedroom I am drenched in sweat. I need a shower to recover from my shower. It’s disgusting. I had a job interview recently. And I was super nervous, so take the normal amount of disgusting humidity sweat and double it. I couldn’t keep my face dry long enough to put my damn makeup on. And my neck was sweating so much that by the time I finished getting ready and walked out the door the under-half of my hair was all curly fries. (Thanks mom.) And speaking of hair. I cain’t. It was a disaster. The frizzies. It was straight up Monica from Barbados. The whole summer. Barf.

But enough about summer and sweat and all the disgusting things that go hand in hand with the sun and heat and ugh, get that outta my face too! Forever if you can please. It’s starting to feel like winter! Be still my heart! I got to dust off my coat, and pick out a scarf, and find a long sleeve. And seriously guys, I cannot contain the absolute joy of winter clothes and all things cold. My Mr Burns scheme to block out the sun can be postponed until next summer. For reals though, why can’t we be on track for another Ice Age instead of this global warming crap? I know I know, scientifically speaking we technically are in an Ice Age. But if it never ever ever got above 60°F/15°C I’d be eternally happy. Like I would promise not to complain… as much.

I was so excited about the sky finally looking the way it should, gray (and not from smog either so Los Angeles doesn’t count), that I stood on the side of street with my phone out, taking pictures and trying to capture small videos of the trees rustling in the wind and I didn’t even care that my phone was getting wet in the rain because it was raining!!  All one sentence beeteedubs. I am a master of the English language.



You can almost feel the cold in this picture.

Now THIS is what the sky should look like.



Needless to say. I am super happy. Come oooooooon winter!

Loves and kisses and butterflies and snowflakes,