Our Expanding Family

My darling readers and followers, I would like to formally introduce you to the newest member of our family: Helios.


The Illustrious Helios


He’s old and crappy, makes funny sounds, doesn’t quite listen to where you want him to go, also doesn’t quite listen when you tell him to stop, was given to me for free so I can’t really complain, and even though I kind of hated him at first he’s really growing on me.


Basically he’s the bicycle version of Puc.


Some of you may have known me long enough to have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Puc.


For those of you who haven’t, let me introduce you. Puc was my first car. I was lucky enough to have him gifted to me by my family when I was 16. He was a little Honda Civic coupe, and he was all mine! Only problem was, I didn’t actually have my driver’s license yet. So my mom took to driving him to work a couple of times a week to warm him up and give him practice, cars need that you know. I finally passed my (second) driver’s test in early September 2004, just before the start of my senior year of high school. And I promptly crashed him 4 weeks later.


That rocky beginning proved to be indicative of the long and arduous love/hate relationship that Puc and I were destined to have. By the time Puc and I ended our affaire de coeur we’d had at least 6 accidents together. Only three of them involved other cars. The others were the fault of inanimate stationary objects that totally came out of nowhere!


That curb was not there before, I swear!


By the time I broke up with Puc 10 years later he was a hot mess in 3 different shades of rust and a different colored bumper. In fact his name is just an abbreviation of what I called him for many years: Piece Uhhh Crap! Believe it or not THIS is what I drove for the last chunk of Puc’s time with me.


Puc spent the last months (yes, months) of his life looking like this.


I know. Unbelievable isn’t it.


Let’s hope Helios fares the years a little better.