Return of the Blogger..ogger..ogger

That was supposed to be like a cool echo by the way. Don’t think it came out too well though. Hmm.

Anyway, updates! I finally started gathering my documents for the legalization process yesterday and realized I was missing one very important one. Yes I know. I should have done this a month ago. But I procrastinate. It’s the student in me. So I ordered it from the government and should be getting it in about a week and a half.

I can’t really buy my ticket to the Netherlands until I have all this taken care of, so it’s kind of super important I get this done ASAP. Which is why, of course, I should have done this ages ago.

We are planning a future trip back to the states to have our families meet, which should be tons of fun, and that should happen in the near future. Meanwhile I’m trying to fill my weekends with friends and family before I leave.

And breakfast. I’m trying to fill my days with breakfast. Did you know the Dutch don’t believe in breakfast? No pancakes or waffles or eggs or bacon. Just like a piece of bread, with cheese on it if you’re lucky. Honestly it’s probably why they’re all so thin and healthy. But still. I love breakfast the mostest, so I’m fattening up before I go.

And here’s a random photo I took right before I left in December.