I know I know. It’s been a month. But I’ve been very busy! Doing… stuff. But the most ridiculous thing just happened and I have to tell you guys.

So every day the church bells ring 4 times an hour: on the hour, on the 15 minute mark, on the 30 minute mark, and on the 45 minute mark. Pretty standard. I’m not 100% sure which church the bells are coming from because truth be told there are about 6 churches in what seems like a 10 meter radius. Sometimes I even hear two different church bells competing for my attention in a cacophony of chimes. And sometimes, on the weekend or Fridays, the church plays little melodies. Usually boring church belly type of stuff.

Well TODAY. I’m getting ready to go out and I hear the church bell music. I normally don’t even pay attention to it because I’m so used to it, it fades into the background. But this time I was surprised because I swear the music sounded super 80’s. As in I knew the song, and I was 97% sure it came from the 1980’s. So I’m listening and wouldn’t you know, honest to god (pun intended) truth, it was Lionel Richie’s “Hello.” I about died laughing. THEN the most amazing thing happened… it morphed into Adele’s “Hello.”

This city cracks me up sometimes. And I think Marcel would agree that the church bells should ALWAYS play 80’s music and Adele. My hope is that they play “Take On Me” next, that would be hilarious with church bells.