Star Wars!

Yes I know. This has nothing to do with the Netherlands or moving or expat life or anything really. But I was violently threatened and blackmailed into writing a new post by my oh so favorite brother in law.

I’m back in the states, as most of you already know. And it’s weird. It’s not as cold here, but I’m still freezing all the time. It’s so great seeing family and friends again though. Also.

Star Wars.

I was NOT about to watch a brand new Star Wars movie with Dutch subtitles. So I’m super stoked to be able to watch it here with one of my best friends. I still have 10 hours to go, and I’ve been in line for 2 hours so far. So if you’ve already seen it, you know who you are, NO SPOILERS. 

Once the holidays are over it’s crunch time and I have to sort out all the paperwork necessary for immigration to the Netherlands. Exciting stuff eh.

Also, Stephan is the greatest brother in law ever*
*I was in no way, shape, or form threatened into writing these lines.