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Return of the Blogger..ogger..ogger

That was supposed to be like a cool echo by the way. Don’t think it came out too well though. Hmm. Anyway, updates! I finally started gathering my documents for the legalization process yesterday and realized I was missing one very important one. Yes I know. I should have done this a month ago. But I procrastinate. It’s the student… Read more →

6 Months and Counting…

Well. It’s starting to turn into crunch time. I have to get all my paperwork legalized? internationalized? officialized? not falsified-ized? As my dad would say qué carajos es eso?! I didn’t even know such a thing was necessary. Or even existed. Clearly, moving internationally is not my forte. But I’ve got less than six months before this mofo goes down,… Read more →

Ik spreek Nederlands?

Learning Dutch is really something else. So I’ve decided to try something. How about you all help me? “How?”, you might say? Keep me accountable! I’m on Duolingo, username CafeConMelk.     I need to be able to at least order some coffee koffie without looking at my man with a blank deer in the headlights stare. I don’t expect to be… Read more →