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Life Updates

I usually open these things with an apology about how I’m a terrible writer and only post once every hundred years. (That remains, admittedly, very true.) And how I promise to write on a more regular schedule and blah blah. Well. I’m not going to do that this time. Because it’s tiresome, and we all know the next time I… Read more →

One More Week!

   So in exactly a week I’ll be up in the air somewhere between here and the Netherlands. I could not be more excited! I do have a layover, which is a bit of a bummer, but still, I’ll be almost home. I keep telling Marcel that it doesn’t feel real. And it really doesn’t. It feels completely surreal knowing… Read more →

My Lighthouse

There are so many moments that have been momentous in our relationship. The first time we met in the airport. The first time he met my entire family (18 hours after we met in the airport). The first time I met his family and saw his country. I cherish every one of those memories and love them dearly.  But one of… Read more →