Up in the Air

6:15pm PST

So I had every intention of writing a post from the airport terminal. Kind of like a “see ya suckers!” sort of thing. Naturally I nearly missed my flight. It wasn’t my fault this time though! Honest. The airline was having system problems and took For. E. Ver. Ask my mom, she would never lie for me.

Anyway, I’m something like 35,000 feet up in the air. Which is like what in meters? 67 million. I don’t know. Point is. I still love you guys and want to keep you updated. Of course I can’t post this until I land and reach wifi. But shhhhh. Just pretend I’m still on the plane k. 

I think right now I’m only about 4.5 hours into the 11 hour flight. And I’m going stir crazy. I’ve already watched a movie. Finished Marcel’s super secret project. Listened to every song on my phone. Slept for hours. Talked to the nice guy sitting next to me on the plane. Ate. Drank. And I still have 5.5 hours to go. Cry for me… Argentina. 

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I managed to keep my luggage just under the weight limit. Ha! 

And for the record, yes I need all six pairs of shoes. 

P.S. I just checked the flight tracking thingy, we’re not even halfway there distance-wise. [insert crying emoji here]

10:15pm PST
The natives have gone crazy. And by the natives, I mean me. 

I think I’ve listened to every song ever recorded by Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, and Paolo Nutini four times over. I feel like I know them now. Like they’re my friends. If they ever all had this triple concert extravaganza I would lose my mind. Someone make this happen yeah?

I’m flying over Ireland or Narnia or something. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure the pilot is just messing with us at this point and has actually flown the earth’s circumference like 3 times. 

I’ve been in here too long. Haylp. 

11:15pm PST / 8:15am Netherlands time… I can’t tell anymore
Either airline food has vastly improved and that was the best damn meal I’ve ever had, or I’m so hungry I would have eaten Purina puppy chow and been ecstatic…

Also it’s either 11:15pm or 8:15am, and my body is really really confused. 

But I land in 45 minutes, thank 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus.