Worst. Blogger. Ever.

No but really. I think I deserve an award. Like a Razzie, but for wannabe bloggers. See, the problem with waiting almost 3 whole months to write a post is that so. much. shit. has happened that I literally don’t even know where to start. Should I attempt to go in chronological order? Or in my typical stream of consciousness chaotic order? Speaking of stream of consciousness, Marcel and I were actually having a conversation about this the other day. Namely about how much we hate SOC (because I’m not going to write out stream of consciousness every time). We both tried reading James Joyce and found it absolutely impossible, and quite frankly, stupid. He tried Ulysses and got about 30 pages into it, I tried A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and got about 30 pages from the end. After that I’ve avoided Joyce, and Faulkner, like the plague.

Anyway, one big piece of news… I am officially a legal resident of the Netherlands! I’m allowed to stay here for 5 years, and it comes with a work permit. The job hunt begins! After the 5 years I can reapply for another residence permit, one with an indefinite stay, OR I can actually apply to become a Dutch citizen. But I don’t think that’ll work since I already have dual citizenship (U.S. and Costa Rica for those wondering), plus I think I would have to renounce my American citizenship in the process. It would be convenient to be able to go through the U.S. passport line when I visit family, but it does’t even really help because I always have to wait for Marcel going through the chusma line. But at the same time, I’m doing a lot more traveling within Europe and obviously in that case Marcel needs to wait for ME to go through the chusma line. When we went to London in July, we nearly missed the damn flight because he went through passport control in 5 minutes tops, and I stood waiting in this mass chaos of a crowd for 40 fucking minutes trying to get through passport control. I was shaking from head to toe and near tears, but Marcel told me to ask and see if the people in front of me would let me go ahead. I was super nervous because there were 20 people ahead of me, and I didn’t want to appear rude or entitled, but seriously dude, I was crying and freaking out. So I asked the lady in front of me, and whaddya know. She’s legit there with 15 other family members, so like that I jumped ¾ of the line. I still had 5 people to go though, and while I was working up the nerve to ask the dude if I could go ahead he looks at me, sees what a hot mess I am and asks, “Do you need to go ahead?” I literally could have kissed the man. The 5 people were all together in one group. So in two jumps I got to the front of the line. Of course the damn terminal was at the end of the fucking earth and you better believe I ran my fat ass huffing and puffing the 15 miles to the edge of the Netherlands where the terminal was. Only to arrive and no joke find out that the flight was super delayed and we still ended up waiting an additional 20 minutes. Airports man.

Right, so London. We were there for a Star Wars convention. Shut your face. It was awesome. We got to see Mark Hamill, and he was beyond amazing. Super funny AND he did an epic monologue from “The Killing Joke” in his legendary Joker voice. I got chills….. they’re multiplying. Sorry, I had to. And we saw so. many. Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren’s and Rey’s and everything in between. It was nerd heaven. For me. Marcel might have a different opinion. But if it’s anything other than, “Yes. Star Wars Celebration was awesome”, then he’s wrong.

Prior to going to London we were in LA visiting my family. But I think I’ve reached the point where the post is too long to hold a person’s attention or interest. So I think I’ll save that story for the next post. I’ll try to write again before November. Promise.

Ah balls, I was looking through my pictures to try and find something from Star Wars Celebration, but I literally took one picture. Of a dude in a funny costume. He was kind enough to let me take it and I don’t know if it’s appropriate to post the picture since he’s a total stranger and I didn’t get his consent. So instead here’s a cute little cottage thing we saw next to a lake in London.

¡Qué pretty!

Before I leave I would like to give a very heartfelt thank you to my long time editor. Almost every post has gone through my editor/proofreader/publisher/agent/seester. So if you have any complaints I can give you her email. Thank you Frankenstein!!!


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  1. Presilla
    23 August 2016 at 12:23 pm

    Taty!!! I love your blog. Can’t believe you moved out to The Netherlands. How Exciting. I wish you all the luck and happiness and look forward to reading about your adventures. Xoxo -P

    • 23 August 2016 at 3:57 pm

      Thank you so much Presilla! It’s been a crazy adventure for churro lol. But I’m so incredibly happy ☺️

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